A reflection on wilderness and belonging

Foggy Forest by K-girl on Flickr

Foggy Forest by K-girl on Flickr

In the editorial of the October 2008 issue of Wild Magazine, Ross Taylor describes his own sense of belonging to a bushland area he has known since childhood, The Grampians National Park in Victoria: 

Wild places change us if we choose to embrace them; it is hard to delineate how, but for me it is an opening to a different relationship with the land. I like the idea of belonging to the land rather than owning it. It seems like a more sustainable philosophy than our current path of endless acquisition and growth.


Taylor shares his memories from childhood and more recent visits.

This article was found using an online subscription database (ANZ Reference Centre). The search terms used were “sense of belonging” (without using the quotation marks). The search was further refined to “A & NZ Magazines”.

The link below requires subscription access, so check your school library or its home page for access to this or other databases. New South Wales residents can also access online databases through their local public libraries and the State Library of NSW. Request a Reader’s Card from SLNSW and access databases from home.

Taylor, R. (2008, October). HOME IS WHERE the heart is. Wild: Australia’s Wilderness Adventure Magazine, Retrieved February 3, 2009, from Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre database.


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