Tom White

Feature film, 2004, directed by Alkinos Tsilimodos

We drop into Tom’s life just as the final wave that will tip him out of suburbia and into vagrancy begins to break. His crisis has been cooking for weeks – perhaps years – before he first appears on screen. The fracturing of his world is visually represented in a shot early on in the film in which we see Tom from inside a birdhouse. The transparent walls of the birdhouse are angled to create a triple image of Tom as he checks the feed and water, and begins to talk to himself, vocalising an internal dialogue of uncertainty.  Ben Goldsmith, ‘Interogating Identity:Tom White’, senses of cinema, December, 2004

Tom encounters an ensemble of characters on the streets, finding friendship and loneliness in equal measure. Memories of what he has lost remain painful, but he seems unable to find himself.

The musical score is by Paul Kelly. The theme song, Meet Me In The Middle Of The Air, is a reworking of Psalm 23 – The Lord is My Shepherd:

I will lay you down
In pastures green and fair
Every soul shall be restored
I will meet them in the middle of the air
Come and meet me in the middle of the air

This video captures a beautiful a capella version by Tripod and Eddie Perfect from the ABC program Sideshow.


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