The purpose of this blog is to present simple introductions to texts which might be appropriate for study as related material for New South Wales Higher School Certificate Area of Study, Belonging, which concludes with the 2014 HSC.

The texts reviewed are well known to the writer. Their appropriateness as related texts will vary, particularly in relation to the core texts being studied. Some texts are recommended (by tagging) for study with specific core texts. This does not exclude their usefulness for other text studies but indicates the knowledge of the reviewer, who may not be familiar with all core texts.

There are links on the site to resource lists collected by others – particularly teacher librarians from communities such as OZTL_NET, which continues to be a great place to share knowledge and resources across Australia and internationally.

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Thanks for the header image used for this blog, which was sourced as Creative Commons from Flickr: Painted stork returns home by Vinoth Chandar



  1. This is a fabulous resource! Mylee

  2. A wonderful resource. I viewed the stroke victim’s video and it was a moving experience! Congratulations.

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  4. Thanks a lot, helped me find some very excellent related texts. Appreciate your efforts.

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