Short Fiction

A selection of short fiction (205 pages and less) from King’s Library:

F ALM Almond, David. The savage. London : Walker Books, 2008.
F BAU Bauer, Michael Gerard. Just a dog. Malvern, S. Aust. : Omnibus, 2010.
F BEA Beaton, Ben. Mama’s song. Fitzroy, Vic. : Black Dog, 2009.
F BIR Birch, Tony. Shadowboxing. Melbourne : Scribe, 2006.
F BRA Braxton-Smith, Ananda. Merrow. Fitzroy, Vic. : Black Dog, 2010.
F BUR Burgess, Anthony. A clockwork orange. London : Penguin, 2000.
F CAM Camus, Albert. The outsider. First publ. in 1946 by Hamish Hamilton. Harmondsworth : Penguin, 1982.
F CAS Caswell, Brian. A cage of butterflies. St. Lucia : Univ. Queensl. Press, 1992.
823.914 COE Coetzee, J.M. Life & times of Michael K. London : Vintage, 2004.
F COL Coleman, Michael. Tag. London : Orchard, 1998.
F COL Collins, Alan. Joshua. St. Lucia : Univ. Queensl. Press, 1995.
823.912 CON Conrad, Joseph. Heart of darkness with the Congo diary. London : Penguin, 1995.
F COO Cook, Kenneth. Wake in fright. Melbourne : Text Publishing, 2003.
398.2 CRO Crossley-Holland, Kevin. Outsiders. Pbk. ed. London : Orion Children’s, 2007.
F EKM Ekman, Kerstin. The dog. London : Sphere, 2009.
813.52 FIT Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The curious case of Benjamin Button : and six other stories. Camberwell, Vic. : Penguin, 2008.
F GAL Gallico, Paul. The snow goose and, The small miracle. London : Penguin, 1967.
F GEO George, Jean Craighead. My side of the mountain. New York : Penguin, 2004.
F HAR Harlen, Jonathan. Fracture zone. Adelaide : Omnibus, 1994.
F HAR Harlen, Jonathan. The lion and the lamb. Sydney : Hodder & Stoughton, 1992.
F HAR Hartnett, Sonya. The ghost’s child. Camberwell : Viking Penguin, 2007.
F HAR Hartnett, Sonya. Of a boy. Melbourne : Viking, 2003.
F HAT Hathorn, Libby. The painter. Sydney : Hodder, 2001.
F HIN Hinton, S.E. The outsiders. New York : Penguin, 2006.
F HOR Horniman, Joanne. Mahalia. Crows Nest, N.S.W. : Allan & Unwin, 2001.
F HUG Hugo, Victor. The hunchback of Notre Dame. London : Dorling Kindersley, 1997.
823.912 ISH Isherwood, Christopher. A single man. London : Vintage Books, 2010.
F JOH Johnston, Tony. Bone by bone. Melbourne : Text, 2008.
F JON Jonsberg, Barry. Ironbark. Crows Nest, N.S.W. : Allen & Unwin, 2008.
F KOE Koertge, Ron. Stoner & Spaz. Cambridge, Mass. : Candlewick, 2002.
813.54 LAH Lahiri, Jhumpa. Interpreter of maladies : stories. London : HarperCollins, 2000.
F LEI Leigh, Julia. Disquiet. Camberwell, Vic. : Penguin, 2008.
F LOM Lomer, Kathryn. The spare room. St Lucia : University of Queensland Press, 2004.
F MAR Marsden, John. Letters from the inside. Sydney : Pan, 1991.
F MAR Marsden, John. Take my word for it. Sydney : Pan, 2001.
F MAR Marshall, James Vance. Walkabout. 50th anniversary ed. London : Puffin, 2009.
F MCD McDonald, Meme. Njunjul the sun. Crows Nest, N.S.W. : Allen & Unwin, 2002.
F MIL Miller, Alex. The Tivington nott. Crows Nest, N.S.W. : Allen & Unwin, 2005.
F NEL Nelson, Blake. Paranoid Park. New York : Speak, 2008.
F PAT Paterson, Katherine. Parzival : the quest of the grail knight. New York : Puffin, 1998.
F PAU Paulsen, Gary. The cookcamp. New York : Bantam Doubleday Dell books for Young Readers, 1991.
829.3 RAV Raven, Nicky. Beowulf : the legend of a hero. Sydney : Koala Books, 2007.
F ROS Rosoff, Meg. How I live now. Camberwell : Penguin, 2004.
F ROS Rosoff, Meg. What I was. Camberwell, Vic. : Penguin, 2007.
F STE Steinbeck, John. Of mice and men. London : Penguin, 2006.
F STE Stephens, Michael. Mudlark. Pymble, N.S.W. : Angus&Robertson, 2003.
F TAN Tan, Shaun. Tales from outer suburbia. Crows Nest, N.S.W. : Allen & Unwin, 2008.


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