More from Shaun Tan

Panel Borders: The Art of Shaun Tan is a podcast interview with Tan which allows him wide scope to relate the history and experience of his writing and illustrating life. In particular we get some great insight into Tan’s two major recent works, The Arrival and Tales From Outer Suburbia.

Hearing Shaun Tan speak about his art (and in this case also about other graphic artists) is an illuminating experience. Starting out as an aspiring writer in his teens (and treasuring the experience of his first rejection letter, which made him feel like a real writer) Tan kept getting rejected until he happened to add an illustration with one story he submitted to a scifi mag. They still didn’t want the story but published the picture as their cover.

Panel Borders is a longer, podcast version of a UK radio show about comics presented by Alex Fitch. The Art of Shaun Tan was broadcast on 11th June, 2009 in an edited version as an episode of Strip! on Resonance 104.4 FM in the UK. You can download the podcast from the Panel Borders website, or subscribe via iTunes.

[The Skull Boy illustration on this page is by Gareth Courage and is the cover of a mock graphic novel which he designed to be used in a low budget film. See the rest here.]
SKULL BOY Originally uploaded by Gareth Courage