Nobody Owns the Moon

by Tohby Riddle

Here is a gift, not from this blog, but from Tohby Riddle, that whimsical Australian cartoonist, illustrator and author. Tohby has presented some illustrated notes on Nobody Owns the Moon.


I recently talked to a student about using this as a related text with Herrick’s The Simple Gift. I’d only read Riddle’s book once before and found it quite captivating when teasing out some of the similarities and differences with the Herrick. The Simple Gift also includes the pleasures of sharing a meal, gifts, and the importance of the spiritual over the material. Join Clive Prendergast, a fox, and Humphrey, a rather desultory donkey as they savour some of the uncommon pleasures of the city.



by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks

He belongs nowhere. He loves no one.

Dog rescues Magpie and tends to her wounds after a bushfire. Unable to fly, she is distraught but finally accepts Dog’s friendship. Together they fly with Magpie’s good eyes seeing for Dog who carries her on his back. Then comes Fox. His friendly approach leaves Magpie wary but Dog is welcoming.

This beautiful picture book takes a simple fable and gives it resonance on many levels. Strong colours reflect the Australian bush. The text is drawn in rough strokes of charcoal lettering.

Excellent notes by Janet Anderson available through the publisher, Allen & Unwin.